Progressive slot machines refer to a group of slot machines linked together by a network. In a traditional casino, these machines are often linked by wired networks. Today, with online casinos, they can be linked throughout the entire world.

Large progressive jackpots are created by taking a percentage of all the money played into any given slot. This means the large jackpot continually grows as more players use the machines until a lucky player hits the winning symbol for the accumulated top prize.

Although the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are not so easy, you can still have fun playing these slots if you know what to expect and have a realistic mindset of the possible outcomes. One important point to note is the actual payback percentage is less on winning symbols other than the top jackpot due to the percentage of coins that are allocated to form the top progressive jackpot.

Types of Progressive Slots

To truly understand how to play progressive slot machines, it is important to know the three different variations. This categorization is valid for traditional as well as online slots:

First of all, Stand Alone progressive slot machines are not linked to any other machines in the casino. They have a top jackpot that is fixed and takes a percentage of all coins played in the machine. This type of slot continually adds to the award for the top jackpot.

Stand Alone progressive slot machines feature a meter on the front that indicates the current top jackpot. Typically, the payback is equal to other machines of that particular denomination. However, due to the varying top prize amount, paybacks are distributed differently.

Secondly, Proprietary Progressive slot machines are groups of machines linked together that are operated and owned by a specific casino. They are also called ‘In-House Progressives.’ While they do not often have multi-million jackpots, they still offer substantial winnings. Generally, these machines hit the top jackpot more often than the Wide-Area Progressives.

Last but not least, Wide-Area progressive slots are truly the life-changing, multi-million slot games. They link many unrelated casinos together to form a large, wide-area network. These progressive slot machines like Mega Moolah game are operated by an independent operator, but the casinos share in a percentage of the winnings. Wide-Area Progressive jackpots are significant, and the odds of hitting the top jackpot while playing these machines are low. Due to the administrative costs and the cost incurred to link these machines, the payback percentage is typically much lower than the other variants of progressive machines.

Whether you are interested in playing a wide-area, proprietary, or stand-alone slot, you will find the latest games reviews as well as a wide list of recommended casinos to play online.