The Gambling Commission takes up the responsibility of regulating all betting practices in online gambling, and is also charged to overcome the frauds associated with online gambling, the Commission takes up the charge of protecting gamblers by keeping them away from the rouge casinos, and to raise awareness of gambling addiction, and also ensures that the online companies offering the play are genuine and do not encourage fraud activities.

Basically to rein in gambling practices the government officials worked to implement the Gambling Act in 2005. And in order to make sure everyone within the jurisdiction abide by the same lawful practices, the Gambling Commission was established.

The Gambling Commission, is the primary regulatory body, that works to enforce rules and regulations, and takes up the charge to ensure safe and secure gambling and is the controlling and regulatory body, for online casino the gambling commission is the final say as it is up to the commission to report issues related to gambling to local and central government.

If a company wishes to provide gambling facilities, they need to have a license from the Gambling Commission, the Commission ensures that the offers, services, software etc. are genuine and after being satisfied with the company provides them the license to practice. It is very important for the players to get associated with these licensed companies as they are the genuine ones.

Gambling Commission is extremely important that they provide security to the players and save them falling prey to the rouge casinos. The Gambling Commission regulates and controls the responsible gambling. The Gambling Commission takes charge of online casinos, poker rooms, and other types of gaming and gambling sites. Each year the Gambling Commission reviews the rules and regulations and develops and introduces new and improved measures.

Some popular brands-holders of Gambling Commission license:
– BETAT Casino
– Unibet
– Redbet