Roulette is an equally popular game among gamblers of all types and preferences. It is exciting, fun and simple to play. One doesn’t need to gain any skill in playing roulette. There are also some myths regarding roulette. Keep Away from these four myths about roulette and be a professional player.

Myth #1

All roulette wheels are similar. This myth clarifies the belief that all the wheels are similar. Guys, the roulette wheels are not the same.

Let’s take the example of the American and the European wheels. The best wheel is the European version because the odds of winning are much higher. There are only 37 pockets in the European wheel while the American carries 38.

Myth #2

The spin is not unsystematic. The next myth and the most typical of all myths is that the past spins of the wheel affect the outcome of the subsequent spin.

Let’s say, the ball lands on the Red ten times in a row, some players may think that there is a higher possibility of the black being the next – this is a myth and is not a fact. The odds are still 50: 50. This will be similar if the ball falls on the red 30 or even 40 times. This is because each spin of the wheel is independent and the preceding spin is not related to the next one.

There are also players who always want to bet on the numbers that hasn’t been fallen on by the ball for a long period of time. These numbers are called “sleeping numbers”. However, there is no sense in betting on sleeping number because the odds of the same number being the outcome is one out of 36 number for each spin.

Myth #3

A player can win online roulette real money by using a mathematical system. Many people believe in the myth of the mathematical system in beating roulette that’s why they purchase them (like this one). This is myth number 3 which is not a fact. The roulette is a game of chance and the outcomes cannot be accurately calculated by using mathematics because there are no formulas for such calculations.

Myth #4

The myth of using money management systems. Managing money will not have any effect on the casino advantage for any of the bets. It will not assure more winnings for the player. The casino will still have the same advantage before and after applying any system for managing money. Roulette is indeed a game of many possibilities but avoiding the myths above will give you more odds of winning.